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At Twyning School, we aim to enable our children to become confident and imaginative writers who can write across a range of different text types (genres). They learn to write a variety of styles of writing across Fiction and Non-fiction such as Traditional Tales, Historical Stories, Myths and Legends, Instructions, Debates, Explanations, Reports, Poetry, Play scripts etc.
The childrens' reading will play a key role in the development of their writing and one of our important messages is that THE MORE YOU READ, THE BETTER YOUR WRITING BECOMES! For this reason, we ensure that children read and discuss the different text types within English lessons and recognise the features of each style of writing.
The technical aspect of writing is taught across the school discretely through SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) sessions. This forms an important part of developing the individual writer in terms of accuracy and fluency.
Handwriting is taught throughout the school with the majority of children learning to join their letters at the end of KS1. By the time the children leave KS2, the expectation is that their handwriting is joined fluently and neatly across all pieces of work. 


At Twyning School we use a range of book schemes including Oxford Reading Tree. Read, Write, Inc.and Phonics Bug. We use a colour coded system to organise the books. We ensure that each child is reading books suitable for their ability in both reading and comprehension.

Rabbits Class will bring home two books per week. It would be helpful if parents could sign, date and comment in reading diaries. We do encourage infant children to read a little each evening. We will also hear your children reading at school individually and they will participate in guided reading sessions. Year One children may also bring home a library book to share at home.

Squirrels Class take home a reading book (linked to their reading ability) every day and are encouraged to be listened to at home daily. In addition to this, they take home a library book of their choice which may be read to them if required. Reading Record books are checked daily during Register time. We will also hear your children individually and teach them the skill of reading during Guided Reading sessions.

KS2 children continue to bring home reading books linked to their reading ability which they should share with an adult at home at least twice a week. Once they can read fluently, they may not need to read aloud to an adult but instead need to discuss the text and share their thoughts. They will also be able to choose a library book weekly. Guided Reading is taught weekly in school when children's reading skills are further developed.

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