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Welcome to Hedgehogs

We are a class of Year 3 and Year 4 children.
Our teacher is Miss Taylor. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Salter and Mrs Walder.
Mrs Leggett teaches us P.E.

English homework is weekly and consists of writing a book review. Children are required to write about the book they are currently reading, and should hand their journals in on a Monday. Certificates and stickers will be given for good work. Maths homework is given on a Friday to be handed in by the following Wednesday. Sometimes the children will also have topic or science homework.

2017 - 2018
Speaking and Listening

Today we listened to some of our classmates talking about things that interest them. Here are photos of a talk all about life in Thailand. We even got to taste the food! It was rather spicy! Other talks were about shells, donkeys, Harrods, and an Aquarium.

D&T sewing

In D&T we have been sewing purses out of felt. Here are our creations.

Charlotte's Web. Debating session.

We are reading the book Charlotte's Web. Today Hedgehogs class have been debating whether Wilbur the pig should be killed for meat, or whether he should be saved...

Baking 2018

We have been learning to follow instructions. We watched fruit scones being made, whilst writing down what was happening at each stage. Once we had cut our own scone out, we baked them, and then ate them with jam! After that, we wrote out our own recipes, using the notes we had previously made.

Mothers Day Cards 2018

We have been using our printing skills to make Mothering Sunday Cards

Hedgehogs Christmas Poem 2017

Unfortunately we could not perform our Christmas poem in December, due to the snow and then the lack of water! We have performed it today, so that we could share it with you all!

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Hedgehogs Malvern Hills walk

On Tuesday 5th December, Hedgehogs walked up the Herefordshire Beacon and visited Clutter's cave.

Making a digging tool for Stig

We have been designing a new digging tool for Stig. Here we are with our creations. We each had to speak to the whole class and talk about our design.

"Back to the Stone Age" trip. Oct 2017

Hedgehogs Class went back to the Stone Age for the day. We hunted in the woods for suitable items to make our dens, lit fires, made bread dampers on our fires, and made spears using real flint arrow heads. It was a great day!

2016 - 2017

This is what we did during the last school year.
Habitats - invertibrates

We worked in small groups and went outside to find and identify different invertibrates.


Hedgehogs class have been thinking about animal habitats for our science topic. We also re-created four different habitats and watched a group of woodlice to see where they preferred to live.

Wormery - habitats study

We made a wormery in our classroom. We layered different soils and sands, and collected worms from the school field. Over the term, we watched the worms moving around in their new home, and then released them back into the vegetable gardens.

Making Easter biscuits

We have been making Easter biscuits in class. We had to multiply the recipe ingredients by three so that we would have enough for one biscuit each.

Safer Internet Day

In ICT, we have been looking at how to stay safe online, with Mrs Bodycombe. We all completed a quiz on staying safe.

Debating / Mock Court

Hedgehogs Class have been debating in a pretend court. We have read the story of The Old Man and The Bowl and have played our parts in court, defending ourselves.

BFG inspired "Dream Catchers"

Hedgehogs class have made Dream Catchers, inspired by the story of The B.F.G. by Roald Dahl. We also painted our dreams, and put them inside our bottles. Aren't they fantastic?

WW2 Evacuation Experience

On October 12th, Hedgehogs class visited Winchcombe Station for a WW2 Evacuation Experience day. We all dressed in period costume and had a fantastic day.

Welcome to Hedgehogs

We are a class of Year 3 and Year 4 children.
Our teachers are Mrs Gregory and Mrs Barbour. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Salter and Mrs Bowen.
Mrs Leggett teaches us P.E.
Y3/4 Tennis Tournament

Some of our year 4s and 5s have played in the recent Small Schools Tennis tournament. They all played very well, and we are very proud of them.

Happy New Year! We are ready and raring to explore our new topics this Spring Term. We shall be travelling around Europe and the Americas; studying their Geography but learning about their musical and dance traditions too.
We will also be learning all about Fairytales in English with Mrs.Underwood. Will we end up Hap'pea' Ever After?

A few reminders:
PLEASE can you ensure that PE kit is in school all week but especially on a Tuesday and Thursday. No more swimming on a Friday.
Library books will normally be changed on a Wednesday although your child is more than welcome to borrow a book for longer than a week.

English homework is given out by Mrs.Underwood every Friday and should be returned by the following Thursday.
Please could you listen to your child read regularly and sign their reading records once a week.

Interschool cycling event

Years 3 & 4 Cycling event


In Maths we have been looking at the properties of 2D shapes. We are good at describing them and sorting them into groups. We even had a go at drawing circles using a compass- ask me what a radius is!

RE- The Bible

Keith and Jan from 'Open The Book' kindly came into our class to tell us all about what the Bible means to them. We are very grateful to Twyning Chapel who donated some lovely new bibles to our school- we have really enjoyed reading them!


Last term we loved learning all about the Stone Age. We used our Maths 'length' learning to make a replica of Stonehenge, in what archaeologists believe to be it's original form. How clever are we!

Fabric Painting

In Art, we re-created Celtic designs, transferring them carefully onto fabric. We delicately painted all the intricacies of the knotwork in the patterns. It was very tricky but we were very proud of our finished product.

Making Dark Boxes

Hedgehogs have been learning all about light and dark. We planned and made dark boxes to learn that dark is the absence of light.

Egyptian Projects

Superb news! We have a fantastic number of wonderfully presented projects handed in which I am sure took a very long time and lots of careful thought! Thank you Hedgehogs, you have worked so hard! Please have a good look through the photos. I hope when the projects are returned home, they will be treasured for many years to come. Huge thanks for all the support from parents too. Mrs Halling :))

Ancient Egypt

Hedgehogs have been finding out about Ancient Egypt this term. We took it in turns to be archaeologists and carefully uncover some remains! We also made our own mummies out of clay and a sarcophagus which was carefully decorated and very fiddly to make!

Gymnastics with Mrs Leggett

Just a few snaps from our weekly gymnastics slot on a Thursday morning with the Year 3's.