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Welcome to Squirrels

We are a class of Year 1 and Year 2 children.
Our teachers are Miss Ray and Mrs Gregory. Our teaching assistant is Mrs Ball.

Interschools bike race

Yesterday (24th May) Squirrels won the Year 2 interschools bike race.

Science-Materials [Novemebr 2015]

We investigated the different properties of a variety of everyday materials. We recorded what we found out.


We have been learning actions to help us remember our punctuation in our writing.

English - Jack and the Giant

In English we have held a debate to talk about who is the real villain in this story

World Book Day dress up

Our class are reading Peter Pan so we all dressed up as various characters from the book.

ACE week

We have practised our handwriting. We used Tiger Lillies to work out our fraction problems.We have also used mod roc to make our Island for the Lost Boys.

Making Sandwiches

We made sandwiches and wrote step by step instructions to help someone else know what to do to make their own. Afterwards we enjoyed eating them!

World Maths Day

We had great fun competing with other children around the world on World Maths Day using the new computers in the Computer Suite.

Role play - playscripts

Inspired by the pantomime we have been learning about playscripts and have enjoyed acting them out.


We have been looking at symmetrical patterns on butterflies. We made our own butterflies using paint. We have started to use different mediums within paint - we have used sand mixed into it. We have also painted with paint mixed with flour.


We have been looking at how the Union Flag evolved over time to what it has become today. We have also been looking at the map of the United Kingdom and which countries make this.

P.E - Games

We have been developing our throwing skills.

R.E. role playing

Squirrels have been listening to stories in R.E.

Role Play

We have acted out the story of The Feeding of the Five Thousand.

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Easter Cards

The children made some lovely lift the flap Easter Cards.


We have been learning all about capacity using sand and water to measure. We had lots of fun and made lots of mess!

World Book Day
Science Forces

Year 2 worked with a partner to plan an investigation. They had to choose whether to test ramp height, different cars or ramp surfaces. They recorded their results and explained what they found out. Super Scientists!

Making Pulleys

As part of our work on Forces we made pulleys using string and the PE equipment to move items around the hall.

Rocket Air Balloon

As part of our work on Forces we made and tested Rocket Air Balloons. It was lots of fun!

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Science - Forces

We investigated lots of Forces through play.

Pirate Day

Squirrels enjoyed dressing up, 'talking Pirate' , singing songs and completing Pirate poems and maps.

Cotswold Wildlife Park

Year 1 and 2 enjoyed their trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park. We saw lots of animals including rhinos, giraffes, wolves, giant tortoises and penguins just to name a few! We also got up close to some lemurs in the Madagascar Experience. We had a brilliant day!