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Welcome to Rabbits

We are a class of Reception and Year 1 children.
Our teachers are Miss Ray and Mrs Bodycombe and our teaching assistant is Mrs Palmer.

This term our topic is called: Amazing Autumn

Year 1 will receive homework on a Wednesday to be returned the following Monday. Year 1 reading books will be changed on a Tuesday.

Reception will receive homework on a Friday to be returned the following Wednesday. Reception reading books will be changed on a Tuesday (
Green Group) and Thursday (Red Group). Reception will receive Letters and Sounds homework on a Wednesday to be returned the following Monday.
Trip to Newbridge Farm
Stay and Play

Rabbits class had a wonderful time showing their Mummies and Daddies all of the fantastic work they do in school. We enjoyed painting, experimenting with colour in our Science Lab, making Orla Kiely printing patterns and showing off our work in our Learning Journeys. What a lovely morning!

Summer Term

This term we are 'Nature Detectives', this means we will be minibeast spotters, bird watchers, gardeners and all round nature aficionados! Our Role Play area is the Fairytale Forest, where all of our favourite stories can come to life. We have some tadpoles in our class and we are watching them very closely to learn about their life-cycle and to see their growth. In art this term we have been learning all about mixing colours and experimenting with different shades and tones. The children independently mixed colours to paint the flower of their choice, the began with red, blue, yellow, white and black and made a beautiful array of flower paintings! We are all story writers this term so keep your eyes peeled for our 'Story Writer of the Week' trophy!

Mother's Day in Rabbits Class

The children had so much fun creating these Mother's Day Snow Globes, some comments include - "I'm making mine with these because they're my Mummy's favourite." "My Mummy loves green, she does." "My Mummy is going to love mine."

Spring Term Two

Our topic is called Way Back Then. We have been exploring space and our solar system! We have been astronauts in our rocket ship role play area and we have explored the planets in our solar system. Muddy Mondays - we are exploring the story Stick Man by Julia Donaldson. So far we have made our very own stick men and have taken them on an adventure of their own, retelling the story with new twists! Some of the highlights of our Muddy Mondays include; making clay faces, making a home for Stick Man and making our very own outdoor crayon rubbings booklet! We have enjoyed making home made soup and enjoying it in our outdoor classroom during our first Muddy Monday. We made easter cakes and Space themed cupcakes too. We even had an Easter Egg hunt where we had to find pieces of a puzzle and work out a riddle to find our treats!

Spring Term One

Our topic is called Way Back Then. We are Paleontologists! We have been finding out all about dinosaurs and digging for fossils. We have been measuring dinosaurs, comparing features, creating dinosaur footprint art and making dinosaur junk models. We even made our own delicious dinosaur fossil cookies.

Spring Term

Our topic is called Interesting Islands. We have enjoyed learning about different vehicles and journeys. We made our own junk model vehicles! We have also been learning all about day and night and space. Our role play area is a space ship! We moved on to learning about Amazing Animals - we looked at jungle animal, under the sea creatures and also farm animals. We have been enjoying Muddy Monday this term too.

Autumn Term Continued

The children have enjoyed lots of Autumnal activities including making a scarecrow, looking at harvest produce, making and parading corn dolls and creating leaf animals. We have also enjoyed learning about Bonfire Night - we had marshmallows around the 'fire', made fireworks on the Smartboard and chalked fireworks on the playground. We learnt about Diwali and made Rangoli patterns. We are continuing to develop our reading, writing and counting skills too! We also continue to do lots of learning through play - we especially enjoy building and small world!

Winter and Christmas

We have enjoyed learning all about Winter and Christmas. We had a great time at our Christmas party! Here is just a selection of photos from the past few weeks.

Autumn Term 1

The children have been settling really well as our new Reception and Year 1! Reception have been learning all of our rules and routines. They have enjoyed playing with familiar toys in the classroom, as well as listening to engaging stories including Elmer and Owl Babies. All of Year 1 have been spending afternoons in Rabbits as part of their transition. We have been learning all about Seasons.

End of Year Beach Party!

We had a lovely afternoon. We explored catching fish in a rock pool, a sea side floor display, paddling in the pool, playing in the sand pit, playing scatch and with beach balls and we also had fruit ice lollies! Thank you for a great year and for the lovely gifts!

Reception Newbridge Farm Park 2015

We had a lovely day at Newbridge Farm Park. The children enjoyed collecting eggs, pony rides, a very bumpy tractor ride, handling pets and feeding the animals. We also enjoyed playing on a range of equipment including a hay bale maze!

Letter from Downing Street

Back in May, Rabbits enjoyed learning about the general election. They even did their own secret vote and during their choosing time, created a card to send to the Prime Minister! We posted this to Downing Street and here is the reply. Whilst I don't think we are ready for Youth Parliament or a visit to London...it was very exciting to receive a letter.

Reception Superheroes!

Reception children decided they would like a Superhero themed day. We decided on our special names and powers. Miss Ray's pet rabbit, 'Super Roo' even visited for the day...she could fly! We enjoyed making a special cape, a Frozen builder's tray, superhero writing and superhero playdough challenges. For Maths, we learnt about the things Captain Rabbit does at different times of the day and set our clocks to this time. We finished off the day by making our own mask! We had a great day!

Summer Term 1

We have been very busy this term! We are enjoying reading traditional tales including Little Red Riding Hood and the Three little Pigs. In Mathematics the children have been learning about handling data including pictograms. We have also been learning all about growing - everyone planted some carrot seeds, investigated food dye in water, Reception planted cress seeds and Year 1 are growing runner beans. We have been trying new fruit and made our own fruit kebabs. Election fever was also present in Rabbits - We had a secret vote on the 7th May for the election! In Science we have been learning all about the frog life cycle - the children independently wrote messages to the frogs in our 'pond'!

Reception Stay and Play

Reception children enjoyed having their parents come in to a Stay and Play session. There was a phonics focus, with activities such as decorating letters, writing fun sentences, searching for tricky words in the sand, playing Trash or Treasure and much more! I hope you enjoyed celebrating your child's enthusiasm and progress with them in the classroom.

Way Back Then

We have been learning all about dinosaurs and transp ort. We have enjoyed dinosaur fiction...What does a dinosaur do at school and at lunch?! We have been on a dinosaur hunt, sorted dinosaurs by features, learnt all about habitats, hatched dinosaur eggs and investigated fossils. Reception even made dinosaur homes during a very wet Muddy Monday.

Autumn Term 2

We have had a very busy term. We have been learning all about how to stay healthy, focusing on food, exercise and hygiene. We have also enjoyed lots of winter/Christmas activities. We have used small world cold lands as inspiration for writing stories. Year 1 have written non-fiction fact pages about reindeer, polar bears and penguins as well as writing detailed instructions for decorating a Christmas tree. We have also been learning all about size - measuring lengths of ribbon for Father Christmas's elves and ordering Christmas pictures by size. We have also enjoyed lots of Christmas craft!

Pirate Day

We had a fantastic curriculum day linked to Pirates! Everyone looked brilliant in their costumes. Year 1 wrote a message in a bottle about why they make such a good pirate whilst Reception created their own treasure map. We also created treasure maps on the playground with chalk, x marked the spot! This was followed by the story Pirate Gran sitting on the playground ship. We enjoyed a 'stick the patch on the pirate' game which helped with number recognition. Year 1 then had to order numbers with pirate dot to dots. Reception had to help Pirate Pete match his coins to the numbers.

My World and Autumn

Our class has been very busy learning all about our world. We have been using Autumn resources to help us to count and retell the Gruffalo story. Reception have also enjoyed Autumn art including fruit printing and owl pictures. We have also been learning about animals. Year 1 sorted animals into carnivores, omnivores and herbivores. We sorted animals into their correct habitats. The Year 1 children created habitat collages and Reception chose a jungle animal to paint.

Cotswold Wildlife Park

Year 1 and 2 children from Rabbits and Squirrels had a fantastic day. Please go to
Squirrels Page on the website to see our photos.
My World

We have been enjoying our new topic called My World. Reception have settled into school fantastically. They have enjoyed a tour of the school, a number walk, painting self portraits and number play. They have also now started Letters and Sounds lessons. Year 1 have enjoyed learning all about the fiction story, Funny Bones. We have used role play to inspire writing. Year 1 have also been busy creating a clay head to represent themselves. Look out for a display soon!