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All About School Council

The School Council are a body in school that help make decisions and organise events. 

Why is our School Council important? 
Our School Council improves our school because it enables the children to share new ideas and to make improvements.
How do you become a School Councillor? 
Everyone has the opportunity to become a school councillor. You need to think about the qualities that a good school councillor has. You then need to present your ideas to your class and they vote for a boy and a girl.
When do we meet? 
Our School Council meets every few weeks with Mrs Underwood..

What is Class Council? 
Each class in the school holds their own Class Council once every 3 weeks.  It takes place in the classroom and follows a formal structure.  Many of the children in the class hold positions of responsibility and take their jobs very seriously. Decisions made in the classroom have a real impact on the rest of the school.
Roles and responsibilities 
We make sure everyone has a job on School Council because we think it’s important that the children run it.

School Council Latest News

The Council has just been elected for 2016, watch this space for more information soon!